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Goodbye Cunts; Hello Love

A Rating Community

Goodbye Cunts
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Goodbye Cunts; A Rating Community

Are you tired of trying out for rating communities where the MODS and members are giant cunts? Where they think they're better than everyone else just because they created the community/were accepted? Then this place is for you. We treat our members with respect. Because you guys are just as cool as us.

We base our votes on sense of humor, good personality, good taste, and overall like-able-ness. Not looks.

El Rules

-You must fill out the application within 48 hours of joining. If you don't, you will have to be banned. It keeps the community neat and tidy.
-Application must be behind an LJ Cut. Don't want to be messing up everyone else's Friend's Pages.
-If rejected, you can try again in a week.
-Put as much effort as possible into your application. Trust us, it'll show.
-You can't vote on other applications until you have been officially accepted. To be accepted you must get a minimum of 7 votes, a majority of them being 'Yes'.
-To prove that you read the rules, answer question #7 with, "Half full of my urine."
-First 10 members are automatically accepted.
-And most of all, play nice. This community is anti-assholes. You can be honest when voting, but don't berate and humiliate people. You wouldn't want them to do it to you.

El Application

1. Let's get the boring stuff over with. What's your name/age/sex/location?
2. What are your 3 favorite songs, and why?
3. If you were stuck on a deserted island with your best friend and a bottle of whiskey, what's the meaning of life?
4. What are three movies you could not live without?
5. Would you like a cup of coffee?
6. What is your favorite word and why?
7. Is the glass half full or half empty?
8. Do you have any vices? (Drinking, smoking, furry woodland creatures, etc.)
9. Paris Hilton; Swanky or Skanky?
10. What are your three favorite books? (Only the coolest of the cool like to read.)
11. What really ticks you off? Gets your goat? Makes you want to stab someone in the jugular vein?
12. Do you have any special talents? (I can crack walnuts with me KNEES!)
13. And lastly, what's some advice you'd like to bestow upon us?

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