hjgj (____bluelights) wrote in goodbyecunts,

1. Let's get the boring stuff over with. What's you name/age/sex/location? Kristyn. 14. Giiirl. Rhode Island. That's like...four questions in one!
2. What are your 3 favorite songs, and why? Hum. Only three!? Okay. Ashlee Simpson - La La because it's about kinky sex and masturbation. NOFX - She's Nubs because it's hilarious and I'd wanna shake someones stub. Anddd hmm...OH I KNOW! Good Charlotte - I Want Candy JUST BECAUSE OF THE I WANT CANDY SHUFFLE.
3. If you were stuck on a deserted island with your best friend and a bottle of whiskey, what's the meaning of life? Cheese.
4. What are three movies you could not live without? Donnie Darko, Finding Nemo, and PORN.
5. Would you like a cup of coffee? Why yes, I would. Lots of sugar, please. So I can be like...WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
6. What is your favorite word and why? FUCKTWAT just because I made it up.
7. Is the glass half full or half empty? How about I make it full empty, because I hate people that are like noo it's half full noo it's half empty!
8. Do you have any vices? (Drinking, smoking, furry woodland creatures, etc.) DUN DUN DUN. I think anyone that knows me knows mine. ME LIKEYS THE ILLEGAL DRUGS N STUFF.
9. Paris Hilton; Swanky or Skanky? Skanky, girls a hooo.
10. What are your three favorite books? (Only the coolest of the cool like to read.) The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, Speak, and..I don't really read. Haha.
11. What really ticks you off? Gets your goat? Makes you want to stab someone in the jugular vein? "ppl that type lyke this" or "p30pl3 7h@7 7yp3 lyk3 th!s 0n purp0s3."
12. Do you have any special talents? (I can crack walnuts with me KNEES!) I can speak ghetto! Word, crackah.
13. And lastly, what's some advice you'd like to bestow upon us? Umm. Don't dive into a pool full of red jello with a duck on your head, because the dog will eat the cookies and poop on your grandmothers lap.
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